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Rigged online poker is just another one of the many online poker myths. Very little to no reaction for this issue. Originally Posted by fadrus Isn't there an innocent alternative explanation? Well I care, but you posted the images on some crappy site that puts a pop-up in front of the stats so I couldn't see them. There are two reasons why you see such a high frequency of beats online:

Theories for online poker being rigged.

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It is already a natural thing to experience some issues while utilizing your computer. Especially when searching the web, it is very possible for you to come across various errors which you have no idea about.

What you have to learn is that Poker Internet Connection Error is normal. All you should do is to investigate so as to learn why an error is happening.

Doing so will help you contain the damage. The fastest move to make to get the computer to its normal state is re-install the operating system.

The trouble-shooting method could be a beneficial and learning procedure for you if you do it yourself. Let us take a look on the common errors that you may experience with your computer and the achievable ways to solve them.

This Poker Internet Connection Error does not choose an operating system to attack, it can happen to all even in the most updated ones. The great thing to do is open the computer in safe mode so that you could uninstall the software recently added, also take away any hardware devices attached to it. In some cases the RAM space is not enough since we like to install new apps that need a huge memory.

Due to this, a low virtual memory problem might take place. The main cause of its error will serve as your basis on which among the two troubleshoot options you should take into account.

Its hard to find regs at that do have the chat-box activated and in my skype group is noone playing at It's true , i have some hands on them too! I'm gonna call their support and tell them that if they don't fix this , I'll get my money out of there! Maybe they will answer. Well I care, but you posted the images on some crappy site that puts a pop-up in front of the stats so I couldn't see them. And no, I'm not clicking anything on a site like that.

I also tried the pokerzeit link but didn't know what to look for. Most likely the well known out of the box bots A week ago I got their broadcast mail that is now supported, around k hands for a weeks play from a bot sounds about right, shame PTR doesn't track Last edited by MisoHoneySoup; at OP, I've been able to relay this to the poker manager for you, that was the above edit, but I didn't want to make any false promises until I could confirm this.

Confirmed this has been brought to the attention of the manager, fingers crossed there's a positive outcome. I also play on by the name guerolito and I want to confirm the fact that the users cmerpit and fcsaler are bots. They use a very simple algorithm. A couple of hours playing with them is enough to any 's manager to understand that they are bot. It seems like fcasler is gone , but cmerpit is still there. Thx epix 4 the epic post. There are no other players I've been suspicious of.

I play pretty much all the games at all the low-med stakes. Keep the thread updated please if there is any further activity, in no uncertain terms, I was told they are on top of everything bot related, the proof of the pudding is always in the eating http: Isn't there an innocent alternative explanation?

Shortstackers ought to have quite a rigid algorithmic style of play and if two players have come from the same training site or coach then they'll be using the same algorithm.

Originally Posted by fadrus. I've played few thousands hands with cmrpit and fcasler on NL10 and I can confirm that they are bots, but it never bothered me though, they were so easy to exploit that I didn't care. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Bots at Poker? Page 1 of 2. Send a private message to epix-. Find More Posts by epix-.

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So anyway, is online poker is rigged?